27 July 2010

Three of summer's bounty

2010_07_9-18 Montreal15

Summer Tomatoes
... tomato salad
... insalata caprese
... panzanella
... BLATs
... towards September, roasted
... pasta
... preserved, for winter comfort
... bruschette (unless you're making just one, in which case it would be bruschetta)
... or my absolute favourite: just how they are. 
That's how we had these.
 Summer tomatoes really don't need any help at all to taste good.

2010_07_9-18 Montreal17

Wild Strawberries
... strawberry tart
... jam, compote
... fresh fruit salad
... smoothies, milkshakes
... or my absolute favourite: just how they are. 
 Again, that's how we had these. 
 Those huge specimen in a plastic casing have lots to learn from these little wild ones.

2010_07_9-18 Montreal16
Fiori di Zucca
a.k.a. Zucchine Flowers/Squash Blossoms
... white pizza, with anchovies
... stuffed and braised (or fried)
... risotto
... "ginataan" - stewed in coconut milk
... or my absolute favourite: battered and fried. Nothing compares. 
 And it's so easy: in a bowl, gently whisk together half a cup of flour, a pinch of salt, and enough water (or sparkling water) until the mixture reaches the consistency of heavy cream. This will be just enough for about 16 flowers (stamen removed). In a small/medium deep saucepan, heat about an inch of oil - peanut oil will yield a very satisfying crunch. Dip each flower into the batter, coating thoroughly, and carefully slide each flower into the oil as soon as it has been battered. Fry a few at a time until golden - it shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes per side. Drain on paper towels and enjoy immediately.


  1. I agree with you- I just love summer tomatoes just as they are. There's something special about eating really fresh veggies.. or are they fruits?

  2. Mmmm, tomatoes! Botanically I think they're a fruit ... to-may-to, to-mah-to, fruit, veggie - all that really matters is that it's good! :o)

  3. Congratulations for the picture and the award (DMBLGIT)! See you soon!

  4. Laure Sophie, thanks for sharing the news! I had no idea I had won it! And congratulations to you too!

  5. Now I know you that it was not about one photograph but you are generally good at photgraphy! What strong images!
    Congratulations on the award!

  6. you have a beautiful blog:)