Hello, my name is ...

... Cookie. 

Actually, my name is Maria.  But both my sisters are Maria too. 

I have a second name: Agnes.  But that's my mom's second name too.  Mom's first name is Maria.

I have a third name: Carmela.  But who wants to call anyone "Maria Agnes Carmela"? Talk about a mouthful. 

So my family called me Cookie, pretty much from the day I was born.  Most of my friends also call me Cookie.  Actually, that's not quite true.  Apparently Cookie is still too long, so most people just say "Cooks".  I don't mind at all.

A guy from school called me Candy once.  We're no longer in touch.

When I started working, I didn't want the hassle of explaining "Cookie" to my boss and coworkers, so they used Maria.  It took me a while to realize that when someone said, "Maria, ..." they were actually addressing me.

I like food because food doesn't have to call me anything at all.  I can even take pictures of it, and it won't complain!  How awesome is that?

For more than a year I've been posting my food pictures on my Facebook page, but I think it's time to take a step forward.  So here I am.

This is a food blog, but food to me is more than just preparation and consumption.  Every dish I make has a purpose, or a story, or a memory.  I'm going to try to deposit little bits of those, each week, into my little spot on cyberspace.

Something about me? Well, I'm a female posing as an engineer, which means that there are way too many Y chromosomes where I work, and not enough XX's.  I'm even outnumbered at home: husband and son. An upside to that is I can bake as much as I want, and no one ever complains that it's too much. 

Thanks for taking the time to look around.  I'd like to get to know you, so please leave comments!

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  1. Cooks! Am so proud of you it brought tears to my eyes! Literally!
    I will be an avid reader and proud supporter of Cook, Snap, Repeat. You can count on me to spread the word too!!!

    Congrats, I can't wait to read more!
    Luv ya!


  2. Cookie Cooks! An alternative name? Or is too late to suggest?

  3. YOU DID IT! I am so proud of you and am so glad you succombed to the peer pressure as we knew it would be fabulous and it is. I love your posts, I find myself laughing, nodding in agreement and having ah ha moments! I can't wait to read more!

  4. Okay, so here's my humble opinion: I just love your blog! So true to the Cookie that I know and love - almost feel like you're talking to me instead of writing. And the pictures are absolutely gorgeous! About time you decided to do something like this.
    your biggest fan,
    Stubs #2 (or 1...?)

  5. Aaaaaw, you guys are THE BEST!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times over for your enthusiasm and encouragement. It really means a lot. Aw shucks, I am so touched :o)

    Ate, I had a crazy time trying to get a name for this blog. There's already a cookie cooks. I tried EVERYTHING imaginable ... I think even "this blog has no name" was taken. I was like, SERIOUSLY?!!

  6. Candy, I mean, Agnes, I mean, Cooks.. hehe... it's about time you did this!!!! Bravo to you and I will be a dedicated follower... you know how i think you are the Wonder Woman of the Cooking World.. the Kitchen Goddess. Martha Stewart should hire you... you should have your own tv show! haha! good luck and keep up the fabulous work!

  7. Maria (as I called you back in the days at CAE) I'm so delighted to see this, you are amazing! I never knew you were so multi-talented, but then again, one does not often get to see this side of a co-worker, so you see, the Internet has its uses! I look forward to reading your blog and perhaps trying a recipe or two as I'm so inspired by you!
    Best wishes! Maria from Montreal ;-)

  8. Ate Cooks,

    Congratulations! I right away posted your blog on my profile. I've been sharing your Facebook Food albums with my friends for quite some time now and this just makes it easier now :)

    Congratulations again!


  9. Dear Cookie!

    This is wonderful! When you have your own tv show, you tell us...


  10. Cookieeeeee!!! I love it! I'm glad you finally decided to do this :) I've bookmarked it already :) I'll be sharing this with my friends :) mmmmmwah!!!! :)


  11. This is like "Julie & Julia"...and I wont be surprised if you get all the fans too. Congrats, you'll soon have a business from all these...this is your first step.

  12. Miel, Maria, Sarah, Catherine, Gi, and Rona - thanks so much!!! I'm so glad you stopped by! I really, really appreciate it. I hope I won't disappoint :o)

  13. Oh I did not see that page...all about your name ;-) that was quite funny if I can say! and your blog is on a good way to become "famous" just started already great pictures and recipes, and a lot of humour!

  14. Thank you so much, Laure-Sophie! That is so very encouraging! :o)

  15. Wow, can't believe it! My name is Maria too, I've got a relatively "young" food blog as well, and confusion always surrounded my name. I come from Greece, where practically everyone is called Maria (including half my family!) and I so ignored people when they called my name in the street that I had to use my second name as well, which is Venetia...

    Good luck with the blog, love the photos!

  16. Cookie, I just want to let you know that there are more than a few people at my work who claims your blogspot their new favorite blogspot to look at. It makes my heart grow when I hear them talk about your webspace. One day, you should come visit the Waldorf=Astoria Hotel and hear what they say in person.

    Ate Iyeen

  17. I like the new look, Cookie!!! It keeps getting better and better.
    Tita Nancy

  18. Cookie, so great to see so many of your talents on display! Dazzling blog. Please keep it up.